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Our Story

Hello there, we're Kate and Adam. We started the business part time while Kate was on maternity leave with our first son, Herbie, back in 2008. Back then we sold vintage handbags on ebay as a way to get extra money. Up to this time Kate's career was with big retailers: she spent almost 20 years working in visual merchandising, marketing and retail design for Monsoon/Accessorize and Tesco.


Living the vintage life!


While pregnant with our daughter in 2010, we decided to take the plunge and do this vintage thing full time. Setting up the website and starting the blog pretty much while giving birth (yes Kate wrote during contractions) meant it was time to fully immerse ourselves and haven’t looked back since. Adam, also know as Mr YVL, now buys and restores fabulous mid century furniture, Kates writing has gone from strength to strength with her first book published in 2013……it’s now true to say we are fully living the vintage life!


Vintage isn't new to us though.


We both started getting into vintage clothing in our teens, customising old 60s retro dresses bought from charity shops and collecting 70s flared suits and platform shoes. Individuality was the key! Setting up home in our late 20s, the obsession stretched to furniture, curtains, glassware and ceramics. Now we are just turning 40 it's apparent we are not going to grow out of it...even our children have an amazing collection of vintage Fisher Price toys and a chopper bike. So we decided to give into the obsession and share our treasures with the rest of world. We love all things vintage, from the clothes we wear, to the cars we drive, to everything in our home.

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